Election 2012: NPP to compromise with its adversaries?

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Kofi Asaase Asa--- Mantukwa
2013-03-16 04:50:21
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Election 2012: NPP to compromise with its adversar

Dr. Michael Bokor has made a good analysis without his usual...

Thank you, Dr. Michael Bokor. Continue this good intellectual exposition

Now the actual issue, the smoldering fire, which, if not properly attended to, could set Ghana into a conflagration, 'The Supreme Court Decision'.

Let us consider this analogy.

A father has two sons. One of them , the younger one,goes to the father to complain about the senior brother, accusing the senior brother for insulting him, the younger brother.

When the father calls the senior brother, the accused one, what is the father going to ask him?

The father is going to say that;

'Your younger brother said you insulted him. Is it true? What did you tell him?'

It is from the answer that the senior brother would give the father,that would make the father to determine , whether or not, what the senior brother told the younger constituted an insult.

What is the father going to use to arrive at this determination or conclusion?

'Natural Experience'and 'Wisdom' even if, the father, is an illiterate.

Our Supreme Court Judges were appointed as Supreme Court Justices, not because of their natural wisdom, but rather, because of their knowledge of the Law, both Ghanaian and Foreign.

We therefore expect them to do just that.

We are confused!

Ghanaians do not know whether or not these Judges are doing the correct thing.

How can 'Petrol' and 'Fire' agree?

How can 'Jesus' and 'Satan' become friends.

What friendship is between 'light' and 'Darkness'? Please Excuse me for my language. I know that we are all Ghanaians.

Now what friendship is between NDC and NPP?

How do they sit at the same table and eat the 'political cake'?

How do they discuss this Petition?

Are these Supreme Court Judges buying time? And for what?

I feel what the Supreme Court Judges should do or should have done was to look into the charges in the petition, consider all the available facts and evidences, apply their book knowledge of the Laws and come to a conclusion that would be supported by cogent reasons and facts.

This is their work. This is what we expect them to do.

A famous U.S. attorney, Thomas Paine, once said:

"..A Constitution is not a thing in name only, but in fact.....
The Constitution of a country is not the act of its government but of the people constituting a government"

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Kofi Asaase Asa--- Mantukwa on Mar 16, 2013 04:50
Re: Election 2012: NPP to compromise with its adve