Election 2012: NPP to compromise with its adversaries?

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Kofi Asaase Asa--- Mantukwa
2013-03-16 05:20:45
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Re: Election 2012: NPP to compromise with its adve

Another flesh for thought!

When one reconsiders the decision by the Supreme Court that, the two parties should go and agree on the memorandum of issues and come out with it within 7 days,one can equally think that,

When the lead counsel to the petitions, Mr. Phillip Addison, moved to file the application which would constitute the memorandum of issues, which should have been the correct procedure, because, his clients are the petitioners,The Supreme Court Judges were taken unawares, they did not have any, and never thought that this could arise,in other words, it seemed they were not prepared with their own memorandum of issues,, so, in-order for them to buy time and get themselves ready with their own one, after re-considering the charges in both petitions, used this defensive tactics;

Applying the same method that Jesus used when the woman prostitute was to be stoned,

Jesus said:

"He who is without sin, should throw a stone at her".

The supreme Court Judges are also saying:

Go home and agree on a common memorandum of issue that would be suitable to God and Satan.

Any relationship? What is the degree of correlation?

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Kofi Asaase Asa--- Mantukwa on Mar 16, 2013 05:20
Re: Election 2012: NPP to compromise with its adve