Election 2012: NPP to compromise with its adversaries?

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2013-03-16 08:01:30
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Election 2012: NPP to compromise with its adversar

what the SC has embanked on is the process of case management.After all, the issues are clear enough and the petitioners have spelt out the issues they want addressed and the respondents have equally spelt out their opposition to the petitioners claim.When Adison for the npp moved his motion for their application for direction in court, the lawyer for the ndc Mr Kojo also moved for a preliminary objection to the npp motion on grounds of its being strange to the rules of the court.The npp seem to accept the irregularity but claim that the application was aimed at the substance and not the form of the rule of court.On the basis of that the ndc objection was dismissed and hence the direction from the court for the parties to agree on a memorandum of issues within seven days or else the court will address the issues for them.This is the process of case management and the proceedings because of the sensitivity surrounding the case and the potential of destabilization.It is therefore important to bring all the parties each and every step along through this process.I believe however that the sc are clear on the direction the case going and all they are doing is to safe land it.The SC direction is the best approach to the petition and its outcome without a potential conflict.After all the SC is aware that the parties can not come to agreement on the issues but instead of imposing a a memorandum of issues, the court have given them the opportunity to address it themselves first before it is imposed.Once that is done the process will be open for the litigation to start and I hope the SC will be firm and strong without fear or favour after all the patience.

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luck on Mar 16, 2013 08:01
Re: Election 2012: NPP to compromise with its adve