Election 2012: NPP to compromise with its adversaries?

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Comment: GOOD ANALYSIS BUT .......

John Dek
2013-03-16 15:23:26
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Election 2012: NPP to compromise with its adversar

Your anaysis has kept us a bit in the dark. You will notice that some commentators on your artcle have mis-understood the SC directions to mean that the SC wants the patry to attempt a reconciliation before the main case is heared.
You may have enlightened readers better if you had delved more into what issues the petitioners want determined and those that the respondents want determined. You could then have enlightened us on the extent to which they differ and possible grounds for agreements.
A goodwork however for setting the debate. It will be in the interest of Ghana to have a compromise on the issues to be determined and I hope your next article will deal with the issues at stake and suggets ways forward

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John Dek on Mar 16, 2013 15:23