Much Ayew About Nothing

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Comment: Great article but don't write Appiah off

J, O
2013-03-16 05:06:55
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Much Ayew About Nothing

Your article is good but do not condemn Akwasi Appiah. He has done a coaching course in England and has deputised the national team for sometime now. You guys should give him the chance and support to rebuild the team. All the guys you have mentioned are not qualified than him and can make mistakes as well. He took over a team in which all the experienced players were either injured or at their decline stage of their fooball career. No leftback and no striker. Some of his good players like Annan was injured during the Afcon tournamant yet he got to the semi finals. It could have been better though. Please, give him time to rebuild the team. It does not take a day to build a thing in which players are sppread all over. Appreciate the new talented players like Mukasso, Atsu, the local goal keeper that he has brought into the team, a reason why players like Ayew are jealous.

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J, O on Mar 16, 2013 05:06
Great article but don't write Appiah off