Much Ayew About Nothing

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Comment: Brilliant Piece!!!

2013-03-16 09:45:20
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Well said Mr Ayitey

I doff my hat to this writer, an article worth praising. I keep saying our brethren easily jump into conclusion without digging deep into the root cause of our problems.
Ayews may be right, the coach might be right, GFA may be right in their own sense. But the key question or the underlying problem of uncommitted players featuring in the National team and what is the actual cause of that.
Before I apportion any blame to both Ayews, Appiah and GFA I would like to have simple answers to the what went wrong, when did that happened, how did that manifest and who is the brain behind such cause. Then we find solutions to these four questions and trust me we can overcome any challenges Ghana soccer is currently facing. Let's be objective in our debate and find concrete solutions. Insults would rather inflict more pain but take us nowhere.

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Ogyam!!! on Mar 16, 2013 09:45
Brilliant Piece!!!