Much Ayew About Nothing

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Comment: You must be a BLOCK HEAD

kwasi danso
2013-03-17 14:21:53
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no Donkey should blame the Ayews.

No one hate the Ayews.Michael Esssten killed himself for the black stars,Gyen face a lot of abuse from people like you.All we are saying is that play for Ghana just as you play for your clubs.This is not about Ayews family. They have been invited to play for their country they can say no if they want but if they accept the invitation then play your heart out.carry Ghana flag to the highest.I love those boys love watching them play but i dont like players who play games with national assignments.They got a choice to play or no to play for Ghana.They can retire for ever that is their rite. Stupid to say people hate the Ayews.

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kwasi danso on Mar 17, 2013 14:21
You must be a BLOCK HEAD