Much Ayew About Nothing

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Comment: Great points and......

2013-03-17 20:36:05
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Much Ayew About Nothing

Your beautiful analysis boils down to a number of great points: (1) the whole will always be greater than the individual parts as far as soccer and most group endeavors are concerned. (2) Dicipline and the willingness to build teams that can survive the test of selflessness and national pride are important. (3) Football administration in Ghana should do better to run on informed systems and procedures regardless of personalities. (4) Make use of the wisdom of Ghana's celebrated soccer stars and administrators where indicated. (5) I might add as well that Ghana should always be looking towards succession planning, building opportunities for newer stars - Ayews and all other stars will see the twilight of their various soccer careers, and the Black Stars of Ghana will continue to shine brightly in the African skies and indeed in the greater cosmos. This is why your very apt tile for your article " much Ayews about nothing" is very much on point. Great piece Nii Ayitey. Mo ob) M)d3n.

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Nyorkopio on Mar 17, 2013 20:36
Great points and......