Mr. President, “sarcasm won’t move Ghana forward”.

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Comment: Wake Up

Nana Yaw III
2013-03-30 05:09:04
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Mr. President, “sarcasm won’t move Ghana forwa

Mr. Quaye,

“In the recent past, sarcasm has reigned so much that everywhere you go people use it as medium to respond or react to statements that affects them” is how you started your article, so I wonder why you find the President’s use of the same tactics as offensive.

To follow your trend, let me add that of late Ghanaians have resorted to the use of God and the works of God as the only means towards progress in this country. So is the case that a lady MP (Ursula Owusu?) was quoted as saying the NDC is a cursed party. And there are countless numbers of charlatans, crooks, and thieves parading this country in the name of God, fleecing the people, destroying families, and practically enslaving many thousands of innocents to the extent that these innocents prefer to absent themselves from work, with lies, in order to attend special prayer meetings, special crusades, etc., to the detriment of their employers’ success. I am therefore not surprised that you also find it necessary to state “No body can be perfect in this world except Jesus Christ who was of the spirit of God. Apart from him, no one can be said to be perfect no not one.” I do not know if you felt as if all your readers are Christians. This is an open space, so you must address a wider audience.

I do not think that the President, by employing the same sarcasm implied that he is a perfect man, so do not accuse him of such assumptions of your own. I’m not holding brief for the President, nor am I doing so for others of his party.

What I want you to understand is that it is not the President who has “induced” sleep on public and civil servants at their workplaces. You must know that most of these sleeping employees do so at work for various reasons, the most important of which is their lack of rest.

In this country, especially in the cities, many of these public and civil servants spend their rest times and part of their official hours chasing God from one church to the other, from one prayer meeting to the other, from one prophet (apostle, bishop, overseer, etc.) to the other; at dawn, in the afternoon, in the evening, and at night. This gives them no time to rest, and automatically sends them to sleep (physically and mentally) when their duty is most needed. And as if this were not enough, they spend their weekends attending funerals that have now become parties. After all this how do you expect Ghanaians to be physically and mentally awake when the call of duty comes? And you think Mahama is the cause of this malady? Nation building is not a one-man affair. What is your contribution?

Finally, unlike you, I’m not much surprised about the spate of industrial actions you mentioned. I’m not surprised because it is an expected phenomenon whenever a budget is read and fuel prices are adjusted upwards. You must be an angel, brimming with so much innocence which has inadvertently sent you to sleep, that you have failed to mark this reality in the Ghanaian economic calendar. You can add other interpretations and suspicions to the strike, such as the inconsistencies marked in the front of the unions battling the government on salary issues, and you will wake up from your slumber.

Have a good day.

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Nana Yaw III on Mar 30, 2013 05:09