Mr. President, “sarcasm won’t move Ghana forward”.

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Comment: Study HIPC Principles

Nana Yaw III
2013-03-30 05:17:59
Comment to:
Kufour worked more than any president.

Going HIPC was in principle, Kuffour's idea of salvaging the country. Yes some debt was forgiven but for your information, most remained intact. Just that the re-payment of principal and/or interest was delayed (postponed) to a future date.

This delayed payments have now started, and the most important of all, HIPC/MDRI left us with no other option than to go back borrowing.

This will continue in this country until our economists get to the ground and find pragmatic solutions to our developmental budgeting in Oman Ghana. The solutions are here and we have to work it out.

HIPC/MDRI and the World Bank plus IMF never did (and will never) move us out of our problems.

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Nana Yaw III on Mar 30, 2013 05:17