Mr. President, “sarcasm won’t move Ghana forward”.

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Comment: ndc azar 419 kukulu govt.

insight to the bone
2013-03-30 19:06:56
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Mr. President, “sarcasm won’t move Ghana forwa

here again we see the pepeni try to put cotton wool over our eyes again with his lies and cosmetic moves that solve nothing . as we speak right now there are hundreds of billions worth of projects and investors being frustrated by the ndc 419 politicians and not corrupt civil service as all they care about is thinking of various processes and procedures whose end result is bog down the investor so they can take money from the unaware. where is the bni , police and so called GAF now ,? they also participate in the corrupt crony system that further denies that initiatives of the citizens comes to fruition even if the govt remains incompetent , in short an impossible situation that will sooner or later create a fertile environment for war

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insight to the bone on Mar 30, 2013 19:06