NPP Abandon Claims Against 3337 Polling Stations

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John Dek
2013-04-18 13:16:48
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NPP Abandon Claims Against 3337 Polling Stations

The portion of NPP evidence that relate duplicated pink sheet serial number and also duplicated polling station numbers is very weak and should not have been sent to court at all
I cannot understand how duplicated serial numbers of pink sheets by itself will constitute fraud or will benefit one candidate to the disadvantage of the other. Infact the pink sheets are summary sheets and they could be printed without serial numbers and have no effect on the individual results. There are other distinctive features that can distiguish one pink sheet from the other.
There will be fraud and justification for cancellation if the duplicated pink sheet serial numbers referred to the same polling station results which was not the case at all.
Also duplicated polling station codes should not be a problem unless they contain the same polling station results.
The NPP evidence has about 8,000 pink sheets in respect of duplicated serial numbers and for me that is weak evidence and should have been isolated and not analysed.
A negative effect of its inclusion was to over bloat the number of sheets of paper used as evidence and today we saw how the shere number of sheets have led to the submission of duplicate sheets to the court for which Bawumia suffered under cross examination to defend.
The NPP executives might have thought of bombarding the SC judges and NDC Lawyers with junk evidence to overwhelm them and thus have an upper egde in court but this has worked against them and tainted their evidence.
"Woo bu okoto kwasea no na oyame ehywe woto"

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Akadu Mensema on Apr 17, 2013 22:35
John Dek on Apr 18, 2013 13:16