What is Kwesi Pratt on about ....

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Comment: Speaking decently devoid of insult

2013-04-21 08:50:25
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What is Kwesi Pratt on about ....

It is time my fellow Ghanaians should understand that, insults, defamations, undermining is not and has never been the language of civilized society or community or a nation. It's very disheartening in the 21st century, so called elites and educationist uses unprintables words in the media. We are called human beeings not because we talk or say anything that we want to say but sayings that are rational to our fellow human beeings. Pls my fellow Ghanaians whether at home or abroad let's help to build our mother land Ghana. God bless our home land Ghana

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Massmola on Apr 21, 2013 08:50
Speaking decently devoid of insult