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Open letter to NPP national chairman

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Simon Peter
2013-06-02 21:35:10
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Open letter to NPP national chairman

NPP is finished and finished forever. What has finished them is this frivolous court case.They have become so insulting that they have empowered the the young ones(including elderly unmarried women) in the party to rain insults on anyone who comes their way. Ursula Owusu had the courage to call our President, Mr Mahama, a 'thief'(English word) only because he won the Elections.Probably because she thought some Ghanians did not know the meaning of 'thief' she used the popular Ga word 'Julo' for all to understand.Shame! Ursula, posterity will definitely judge you and you can never get out of this.You claim to be a lawyer. Do you know the legal implications of calling somebody a thief without a proof and not having gone through a court process? As for Samuel Awuku, the least I talk about him the better, and let me leave 'Sir John' alone. Dr Arthur Kennedy, I thing you seriously have to re-think about your NPP membership.If I were you,I would better concentrate on my envious Medical Profession.

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Simon Peter on Jun 2, 21:35
Boagyaa Appiah-Kubi,Connecticut. on Jun 2, 22:06