Open letter to NPP national chairman

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Comment: Who is the violent or extremism party?

2013-06-02 23:06:54
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Open letter to NPP national chairman

Arthur Kobina Kennedy, I applaud you on this thoughtful write up. You have summarized what well discerning Ghanaians are concerned about. But I will differ with you by a wide margin on your assertion of who the extreme and violent party really is.
Granted the PNDC and NDC rule were marred in violence and extremism, any honest and observer would attribute such unwarranted actions to the revolutionary zeal that swept the nation in the late 1970s and the 80s.
However the NPP is just continuing the violent and extremist ideas from the 'mate meho' era. The parent party of the present NPP never gave our first president a dog's chance of governing the country in peace. It is the consented opinion of many Ghanaians now that, had Nkrumah not be obstructed Ghana could be enjoying a middle income status by now.
What more the disturbing trend of fires and killings lately are been construed by many objective Ghanaians and international observers as NPP acting truth to their veiled threats of making Ghana ungovernable if they are not in power. Have you noticed since President Mahama tasked the Security agencies to track down the perpetrators of these diabolical acts, that suddenly these arsons and killings had stopped?
I hate to see the history of Ghana being twisted to suit a particular political leaning. Let the whole truth be known and spare us the headache of half truths.

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Boagyaa Appiah-Kubi,Connecticut. on Jun 2, 22:06
Martin/PA on Jun 2, 23:06
Who is the violent or extremism party?