Open letter to NPP national chairman

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Comment: If on the face of all that has occured,.

Yeabr3 _Mo
2013-06-02 23:25:11
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Other party members can disagree.....

You still all is well,then I am not surprised a handful of 'nobodys' have hijacked a once vibrant party,and effectively turned it into a 'fiefdom' with absolute power being exercised by only a select few! Read Art K piece again,and you`ll see he is making a serious allegation about some elected members on the 'inside' being sidelined and ignored! So where is this talk about about not following "party structures"coming from? Look, these are not people from the "outside" pissing in;these are bona fide executives who have been turned into 'eunuchs',thus making them incapable of performing their lawful 'matrimonial' assignments!
So much for openess and inclusiveness when experienced and independent-minded persons are seen ony as potential challengers,and run to the ground.

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Boagyaa Appiah-Kubi,Connecticut. on Jun 2, 22:06
Yeabr3 _Mo on Jun 2, 23:25
If on the face of all that has occured,.