Open letter to NPP national chairman

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2013-06-03 00:11:19
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Other party members can disagree.....

Just like Arthur-K could not find a better place to share his views except on Media outlets, the same could be happening to Tarzan; that is why he keeps on going to the Media, instead of the leaders. When people are not allowed a common forum to discuss their dissenting opinions, they would find another place to do that.

After writing his book, Arthur-k has become an outsider in the Akyem Mafia led party. They insulted and called him names on FM radios and told him to take a hike. If you have listened to Tarzan, you will know that the same thing has happened to him and that is why he is no more going directly to the leaders but going to the Media. He said after spending time preparing in writing what NPP needed to do to win the election, the leaders not only rejected his ideas, but were not ready to allow him to be among them at that time. They told him plainly, they have implemented some of his ideas and are about to implement the others. Just like that; they let him go. So I ask, how do such people voice their opinion to the very people who are not ready to accept them?

Well, I support Arthur-K in writing this publicly. I think it will help the "boys" to think twice before they act stupidly next time. It will also forces the leaders to act urgently to bring sanity in the dying party. NPP will lose if they failed to listen to the wisdom of Arthur-K. They failed to listen to him when he wrote that book, I hope they do not attack him and listen to him this time.

NPP is in emergency department for the stroke its suffered last year. It is still in coma and the earlier its "doctors" put their act together, the better to stop stop the party from dying. The reason is this- The judges will rule in favor of NDC and EC, not because they won, but because of fear of what might happen to our Nation if the ruling goes against the President. So after wasting a year or so to fight for this, they will come back to know that they need only 3 yrs to regroup for another election. This is where the problem begins; Allan Kyerematen would not allow Bawumia to be the head. It would be over his dead body. But the Akyems would not accept Kyerematen to be their head since he has never be on the side of Akufo. Just like the UNC and PFP case, NPP will divide again, this time the Northerners siding with the Akyems against the Ashantis. This is not a prediction, but a prophecy. This is why NPP needs to be closed for repairs as Dole told the GOP.

And when it is closed and "FOR REPAIRS" sign is posted on the door, they might need to change everything about the party. Searching for leadership from other other tribe- GA, Fanti, Northerner or BA man, other than Asante and Akyem should be their number priority. No one should sell this to me that, no better leader could not be found somewhere except from those two tribes. And no one should also tell me that Alan is is a Fante. No, Ghanianians see him as Asante and so will that be. They also need to get rid of the older men and use younger men like Arthur-K. They might also have to star training the polling agents. And these polling agents should be allowed to become delegates and be given a little so that they can't be bought etc..etc.. without that, they are not coming back soon. It is sad, but true.

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