New Wenchihene can he bring Brongs & Ashantis together

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Twumasi Anka
2014-05-06 20:30:52
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New Wenchihene can he bring Brongs & Ashantis tog

...I hpoe the weiter of this article will go to learn his AKAN history well.

First and foremost, Akan is Not Part of Ashanti, but rather, Asantes are part of AKANS. Thus akan is bigger than asante. Akan history in present day GHANA began with the Bonos. Bonoman was the first AKAN Kingdom. Almost all AKANS migrated from Bonoman.

Secondly, Asanteman was the last Akan kingdom, as there were also other Akan kingdoms.
Asante dominance of Akans at the hight of its power was very horrific and barbaric, according oral history. This has caused almost all other AKAN tribes to detest, or abhor Asantes.

You Mr. Writer, portrays the Asantehene as the centre of AKAN unity. ...far from truth, the Asantehene is more a destructive figure among the Akans. He is more a problem, than a solution. An example of his misjudgements, is the Tano Subin issue. He didn't just apply wisdom, but threats, which caused more harm than good. It made the Asantehene to loose respect, and emboldened the young Brongs, to stand their ground.
The young Brongs of today are more radical, and are prepared to defend their ancestral Bonoman, and the Asantehene underestimated the boldness of these young Brongs to die for their region.

When Prempeh I, was released from prison, the the British gave Bonoman back to the Asantehene, just for the British to get what they wanted from the Asantehene. Since then the Bonos have always resisted the Asantehenes dominance. When ghanas visionary leader Dr. Kwame NKRUMAH came to power, the Brongs used that opportunity to finally split from Asante brutality. Since then, the Bronglands has progressed better, than under asante dominance.

The present Wenchihene is a mixture from both Wenchi Royal family and Manhyia Royal family. Thus he comes from both royal families.

It's true, the AKANS are so divided. It's about time they unite. They are loosing touch of their common history. Most young AKANS don't even know that they originated from Bonoman. Most don't even know that, the OSEI Tutu I, the architect of the Ashanti kingdom, was raised and trained by the DENKYIRAS. That he got his wisdom from the DENKYIRAS. ....most AKANS don't know that Okomfo Anokye, who psychologically tuned the Ashantis to bravity was not an Ashanti himself. Most don't know that, the akwamus played a very important role in OSEI Tutu I life. And all these people who helped form the ASANTE kingdom were not Asantes.

Osei Tutu I was a very wise and clever king, his main vision was to unite AKANS and not to dominate them. When he died, the Asantehenes who came after him lost that vision, when they resorted to dominance and brutality.

AKANS are loosing their historical touch. Most Akans don't even know that, the Nzimas are pure AKANS and that, they originate from Wenchi. Dr. NKRUMAH, knew his ancestors came from there.

The Akans need to unite, to colour their heritage.
Do you know, that Victor OWUSU, john KOUFOUR, DR. BUSIA, the brave Dormaahene and Techimannhene come from the same ADUANA abusua?
That's how interesting the AKAN history is. Any Akan is from one of the nine AKAN ABUSUAS.

But the present Asantehene would be the last to bring the AKANS together. And the least to unite the Brongs and Asantes.

The Brongs should better unite and talk with one voice, to develop their land.
If the Asantes are ready, they can smoke the "peace pipe" with Brongs. More than 250years the Brongs couldn't unite with the Asantes.
This a question the Asantes have to answer.

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Twumasi Anka on May 6, 20:30