New Wenchihene can he bring Brongs & Ashantis together

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Comment: Re: Thomas Kyeremeh Is Mistaken

Ameyaw Takyi
2013-06-25 03:33:41
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Thomas Kyeremeh Is Mistaken

K Boateng, I don't think you are normal. When we say Brong, do you know what constitute? Brong comprises of wenchi, Nkoransah, kimtampo etc. Do you know the reason why Nkoransas and Wenchis speak decent Bono language than any other group. They see themselves as one united Bonos in which one's action against or for Ashantis may have direct influence over others. Do you even know the reason why we have Brong Ahafo traditional chieftancy?

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Ameyaw Takyi on Jun 25, 2013 03:33
Re: Thomas Kyeremeh Is Mistaken