New Wenchihene can he bring Brongs & Ashantis together

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Comment: We all contributed towards national ....

G. K. Berko
2013-06-25 10:05:56
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This assumption that our Nothern brethren only received charity from our Cocoa-derived funds alone, under the free Education program of the early post-colonial period, could be rubbing some of us in the wrong way. The program was necessary for a stronger nation building. We could not leave any part of the Nation too far behind.

The topic can only be fairly and honestly discussed to add to a quality historical knowledge-base, if we could strain the ethnic connotations that imply relative tribal supremacy/inferiority out of it.

We should not hold the relative poverty that many associated with the North against them. After all, the folks there never came begging to be included in any emerging Nation that Ghana was going to become.

Besides, if nothing at all their land had a price... Priceless... And if we were going to bring them along, that free Education was a tiny price to pay to get them to join us, relative to all the real price of their land and the invaluable human capital they were contributing to building Ghana.

We should also be more honest in acknowledging the worth of the labor our Northern brethren supplied to our Cocoa industry. We could not have attained all that prominence with our Cocoa and its attendant wealth in our families had it not been for the immense labor pool folks from the North offered to help grow and maintain the Cocoa farms.

Do we even really know if these farm workers, generally, ever got paid fairly? But since we might have contracted them in a free market environment we may not feel obliged to bear any guilt for less-than-decent payment for their services.

This is a similar situation to what many conservative Americans view immigrants to the USA, especially, the illegal ones who may be taken advantage of by American Businesses.

It is only that any such deprecation of our Northern brethren is even worse because they are by our Constitution just as Ghanaian as anyone else and began our Nation's creation with us.

It is time we dumped the ethnic blinders and honestly sought for real Social and Economic justice for all.

We can talk about any perceived sabotage of Ashanti Region, or any other part of Ghana, by any leadership to immediately correct it without pulling the tribal strings.

If, we have any substantive evidence that some bigoted myopic national leader is isolating any part of Ghana for sabotage because of tribal differences we can drag that s.o.b. or d.o.b to court to expose and punish him or her accordingly. This the way to go. And it is not naive. That bigot's tribe should not be tainted with his or her crime and shame.

Long live Ghana!!!

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G. K. Berko on Jun 25, 2013 10:05
We all contributed towards national ....