New Wenchihene can he bring Brongs & Ashantis together

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Comment: Mr. Kyeremeh Exposes/Contradicts Himself

K Boateng
2013-06-25 13:39:00
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It's quite amazing and amusing that some people churn out deceptive articles here on Ghanaweb thinking that all readers are that dumb to locate and understand half truths embedded in the article. The author of this article states in one breath that Nana Wenchihemaa Fremah had nominated a candidate for the Wenchi throne. Interestingly, the writer states elsewhere that it's the Asantehene who has given Wenchis their traditional leader and that would culminate in a kind of togetherness between the Bonos and Asantes. Now, these are some issues I would want Mr. Kyeremeh to ponder over: given the fact that the candidate holds double allegiance with over 90 percent of that allegiance on the side of asante,is Mr. Kyeremeh saying that he would be accepted by all the people of Wenchi? This question is at the heels of the fact that the Wenchi royal family is very divided following the rejection of their recent Hene Nana Nketia (Coach). Would his factions accept the fact that it's asantehene who is selecting their leader for them? And on what basis did the asantehene choose the Wenchihene? Is it not an attempt to impose an asante on the Wenchis and therefore an attempt to meddle in Wechi chieftancy affairs? You see, this is what we the Techimans vehemently abhor hence the long standing conflict between asantes and us. Does Mr. Kyeremeh think in his heart of hearts that Nana Attakora and Nana Mensah would have acquiesced to the asantehene choosing their traditional leader for them?

Now, Mr. Kyeremeh moans over the death of a guy imposed on the people of Offuman calling himself Offumanhene. Kyeremeh conveniently left out the role played by that guy who, together with his immediate family carried out arsons in the nights and burning farms belonging to Bonos who served under Techimanhene. For instance, on that fateful Friday when he was killed, his daughter was caught with a gallon of petrol sprinkling on their opponents' houses, leading to a fight resulting in her death and that of her father. Does Mr. Keyeremeh recall what Kuffuor's government concluded over the callous murder of Ya-na? The NPP said the Ya-Na died as a result of a war; in the same vein, the asantehene's puppet at Ofuman died as a result of war so they must deal with it and stop crying over spilled milk. While talking of his personal and childhood friends who died on that day, I must remind Mr. Keyeremeh of a recent history of Tuobodom in 2008 where a guy called Kojo Fante, a puppet chosen by asantehene as Tuobodomhene, opened fire on Nana Techimanhene and in the process maiming and paralyzing several others, including Kwaku Takyi. Kwaku Takyi was also my childhood friend who grew up with me at Dwomoor; he died three years ago as a result of the shooting triggered by asantehene's assassins at Tuobodom. Is this the kind of togetherness that Mr. Keyeremeh is pontificating and jubilating about? A relationship where the asantes have no respect for the Bonos or a relationship where we treat each other with mutual respect? Mr. Kyeremeh and his Wenchi or Nkoranza people can sell their birth rights to and join the asantes but we the Bono Techimans say emphatically that we have nothing to do with their machinations!

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K Boateng on Jun 25, 2013 13:39
Mr. Kyeremeh Exposes/Contradicts Himself