New Wenchihene can he bring Brongs & Ashantis together

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Comment: Fantastic piece of history

Robert, Essex
2013-06-25 16:43:39
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This is a fantastic article that has confirmed so much of what I was told by my late great grandfather Nana Adusah who was 120 when he died in 1993 at Krobo near Techiman.
He recounted the suffering the people of Techiman suffered at the hands of the Asante army and the mass drowning in the Tain river while they were running away from the pursuing Asantes.
Otumfuo must understand that we are in 2013, 21st century for that matter and that the time has come for the wishes of Bonos to be respected. Bono lands are for Bonos, period.

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Robert, Essex on Jun 25, 2013 16:43
Fantastic piece of history