Tema heavy industrial area losing its ‘industrial appeal’

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Comment: Deal with the issue at stake;

Mix Breed (NPP-NDC)
2013-07-04 02:03:10
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The issue here is that, Tema Industrial Area needs to be taking care of to prevent it from deteriorating further. There are people responsible for that. TMA or TDC or both. There are human beings in these two institutions. Why talk about Kwame Nkruma? For what? Why are Ghanaians now refusing to think? Looks like only a few Ghanaians can think properly these days; Aaaaaaba! What has this got to do with Wayome or Defence of criminals? Anumguase paaaa nia!!!!
We need to start thinking very critically about what we say and how we say it and what we do after saying those things. Seriously deal with the people in charge. Let them do it because they have to do it. After all they are payed for that. And stop blaming and talking unnecessarily about issues. Demonstrate against the two institutions. Write letters to them. This is a good article. We can start from here and make sure they do it or leave their post for somebody who will do it to come and replace them.. Thank you.

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