Incompetence and Cluelessness of John Mahama

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Comment: pepeni is a toxic curse

insight to the bone
2013-07-08 01:47:49
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Since before independence we have been plagued by all sorts of ruthless , vicious and willfully authoritative govts that all have one thing in common , denying the right of free speech and proper analysis of the motives and agendas they seek to keep hidden . Most of these govts were led by people who didnt belong to the majority but rather minority tribes and very marginal political clans . starting with nkrumah who is praised to high heaven but this same oligarchy , he st in motion a climate of fierce political antagonism whereby moderate minds of a liberal persuasion had no business in participating as only the radicals could stand the heat .The MOTIVE , be able to spend without consensus or agreement the wealth of the nation ie in today's jargon chop Ghana money some . This style and system of government was perfected by kwasea rawlings and today we have pepeni whose agenda is finalse the colonization of the majority , the Akans with the assistance of the homicidal ayigbe and the idiot pepefuo . they now use the institution called the supreme court to gag all free thinking individuals so the climate is set to enslave and now steal the oil and gas. they tell us nkrumah was so good so i say to them we hope ghana breaks up and their first presidents are just like him. when we secede we give them all the gold reserves in Switzerland and pay them another 20 billion on top so these ewes and pepefuo are rich and let their nkrumah come and spend that money in 2 years and leave them in debt for 2000 years , that is our revenge . hopefully their first nkrumah presidents are just as manipulative and propagandists so a greater part of that money is used to secure the unity of the universe as thats a very good thing not only african or nigger unity . the rest of the money we graciously leave them should be used in establishing useless unsustainable businesses that only feed other economies and drain their own . yes we wish them well as they have to us for over 60 years . we in the meantime Akans will build a nation truly worthy of our capabilities and potentials with a minimum wage of not less than 10,000 dollars so our beers in our bars are at least 100 dollars so these pepefuo and ayigbe idiots can not afford to visit us just like the Japanese do to their ndc idols the Chinese , long live the republic of Akan

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insight to the bone on Jul 8, 01:47
pepeni is a toxic curse