Incompetence and Cluelessness of John Mahama

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2013-07-08 04:21:23
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Incompetence and Cluelessness of John Mahama

This is the way people talk, accuse without evidence and once they are jailed for offence, they call for scandal. How can a normal citizen accuse his President this way? What does he mean by incompetence and cluelessness?

Can he provide us with proof that Kwesi Pratt, Hajia Alima,Bohane and co are paid to develop propaganda for the NDC Government? Under democracy and in the state where prevails the rule of law you don't accuse without proof. These people can actually take him to the court and he and his supporters will say it's a witch-hunting.

Adofo is submitting a large list of the outstanding challenges and problems of the nation. Is it President John Dramani Mahama who has created these problems? How efficiently the NPP government has addressed these challenges from 2000 till 2008?

Mr Adofo does not see what President John Dramani Mahama hs achieved since he came to power one year ago! He can't see and he won't see it because he has deliberately decided not to see anything good and positive being done by this government. We won't help him to open his eyes and hears as we haave better than that to do.

I simply invite Rockson Adofo to abandon hatred,tribalism and unnecessary frustrations and be more positive. He should also santize his brain and monitor his says otherwise he will be jailed for vilification without proof.

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Nana on Jul 8, 04:21
Re: Incompetence and Cluelessness of John Mahama