The Short Model Is Outdated

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Comment: Lets pick the pieces

2013-07-07 06:37:25
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Without direction

Dear readers, as much as this article may not be perfect there is still some credit to it. It is an open secret that we age cheat. But we do have some equally taller players who are better, but because they look matured they are overlooked and their shorter counterparts gets the selection to the youth team. The national youth sides is the platform for exposure.
One can play in the premier league for five years without national recognition, but just play in one national youth tournament and one becomes a household name. For most Ghanaians that is all they see of our football and that is all the players they can relate to.
As our stadiums are empty and their is no good sports roundup program to expose talented players to the population ,these youth tournaments will remain the only medium of exposure for youth talents and club administrators will do everything to expose their overage players to that medium.
Unlike our great clubs in Ghana, all European clubs have youth teams from age six. So when we see youth players attached to top European clubs in youth tournaments we have to understand how they reach there. On the other hand youth development in Ghana is not properly planned, it is left to individuals who have to dig deep into their pockets just for the love of the game. Their products from the colts clubs are then transferred to the local divisions where they spend some years before reaching the top flight in Ghana. Then when it comes to national youth call up their ages are reduced and the premier clubs claim all benefits. Our colts, third and second division clubs are doing all the works at the youth level and the premier divisions are reaping the benefits.
I believe that selecting our youth teams from the lower divisions will force the premier sides to start youth teams and that will benefit football in Ghana.
My last point is that the FA has to come out good strategies to promote the national league. They may start by spreading kick of time across the weekend at different times of the day. Stadiums with floodlights should have their games played late and television rights be given to various stations to generate funds. The most important is for the FA and the PLB to work together to find a solution to fill our stadiums. After all foot is suppose to entertain and telecasting games in empty stadiums will kill the entertainment aspect of it.
So my friends, the solutions lies in giving good exposure to the local league and the rest will fall into place.
PS. GFA need to have a better website with information on all football leagues and clubsin Ghana from the colts level. the FA's site is peanuts.

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Lets pick the pieces