The Short Model Is Outdated

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2013-07-07 10:50:54
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Lets pick the pieces

Thanks for the insight. Unlike other readers who posted their comments in response to this article, you seem to have read the article open-mindedly. Those who fail to grasp the gist of the article unfortunately constitute the majority of type of people visiting this website. They show the typical mentality most Ghanaian have: that is, prefer not to face the bitter truth. Who is one fooling if one goes to the doctor with a broken left leg and tender the right left for treatment? The article is addressing a serious issue that is drawing Ghana football back: age cheating and how/why it develops, and how it is affecting Ghana football. This rather interesting topic that invites to reflect about a genuine football development in Ghana instead meets fanatics who feel comfortable dwelling in mediocrity and stagnation, and are incapable of thinking problem solving.

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african on Jul 7, 10:50
one intelligent comment so far