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Countdown of Mahama’s Exit From the Presidency Starts Now!

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Comment: If wishes were horses,...

2013-07-16 12:54:22
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Countdown of Mahama’s Exit From the Presidency S

Beggars would certainly ride if wishes were horses. I believe it is high time people stopped fooling themselves about their own fantasies.
To live in a fantasy is so easy to do especially when you are so obsessed with your own assumptions.
What is the function of the SC? After all the deliberations, I believe the evidences are abundantly clear for all to see.
We should have trust and confidence in the SC to come out with their verdict. It is not proper for anybody to give a ruling based on personal assumptions, as this writer has done.
Until the final verdict from SC is given, all these propagandists should spare us this stupidity!

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Appletus on Jul 16, 2013 12:54
If wishes were horses,...
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