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Countdown of Mahama’s Exit From the Presidency Starts Now!

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Comment: GOD has d power to forgive your trespass

2013-07-16 16:20:46
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Countdown of Mahama’s Exit From the Presidency S

Eternity is the final everlasting state into which everyone is going to enter. The truth is that you are already making a choice of what eternity will look like, by what you are doing now. You hold the pen in your hand, and you are busy day by day, though unconsciously, writing the script of your eternity. God does not want us to wake up on the other side in eternity, full of regrets. That is why He graciously speak to us about eternity in His word in the realm of time.
If you enter into eternity with regret, you will forever live in regret, if you enter eternity with a sense of unfinished assignment, you will forever keep living with that sense of unfinished assignment. There is no programme for making up for your deficiency in eternity as “it is appointed for a man once to die and after this the judgement”. ETERNITY-time without end, where will you spend eternity???
do the work of an EVANGELIST,win SOULS for the LORD, but remember you cannot do this as a sinner,unless u REPENT from your sins before you can do the work. if you are a born again christian, am happy 4 u, lets get the work done for our REWARD is in HEAVEN, and remember HE(GOD) will bless us here on earth and will take us to HIS kingdom on the last day.JESUS LOVES US ALL. REMEMBER ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH GOD, AND HE CAN DO ALL THINGS TOO.

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GOD has d power to forgive your trespass