Afari Gyan Deflates Philip Addison

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Comment: Re: Arrest Akuffo Addo;

2013-07-19 01:11:40
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Arrest Akuffo Addo; donate to kpegah

Thieves. What npp are looking for is to come to power to loot the nation's resources. Now where is the npp communication team? No more useless responses. Npp thinks Ghanaians have soon forgotten when they were stealing gold, money, land and other state properties. Ministers saving government loans in their individual foreign accounts and keeping the interest accrued before releasing the capital to nation's coffers. In fact, the SC is really wasting time that is why these crooks think they still stand a chance. Where on earth have you seen SC removing democratically elected president and putting in a 70 years old drug baron, greedy and arrogant man as president? You have been found out and God will punish you for wasting Ghanaian tax-payers money. Npp would surely pay for their demonic and evil plans.

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PAA on Jul 19, 2013 01:11