Did Addison Discredit Dr Afari-Gyan?

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Comment: Devil's Advocate

Dr. John
2013-07-19 23:32:22
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Did Addison Discredit Dr Afari-Gyan?

Was that role intended n your article? For the most part, it was fair. The analogy was, fair. However, since you seem to impart some legal knowledge, probably more than what you are due, I would have limed to see an article that focused on how the entire trial tested the Ghanaian Constitution and the Electoral Commission. I have yet to see such an article surface. Such an article would not have a single reference to political parties, but would rather focus on the content of the Constitution and the role of the Electoral Commission(EC). The EC and no part of the EC is above the law. That is what is being tested, nothing more. The closing statements should prove to be quite interesting. However, not a contributing factor. The closing statement that mostly references the Constitution is the one that I will be interested in. as a parting shot, and my only shot, I do not perceive that that closing statement will come any so-called "luminary".

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Dr. John on Jul 19, 2013 23:32
Devil's Advocate
kwabena Asante on Jul 20, 2013 16:43