Did Addison Discredit Dr Afari-Gyan?

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Comment: dissappointed nppians

2013-07-20 04:06:34
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Did Addison Discredit Dr Afari-Gyan?

yes your lawyer tried to discredit Dr Afari Gyan but trust me, no right thinking Ghanaian will now vote for npp, npp will get the greedy and selfish to vote for them and the illiterate base to support them like always but npp will never win an election in Ghana again, the law of karma will come back at npp and npp will never win the court case because Addison did not prove anything he was only barking at the court like a dog

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truth on Jul 20, 2013 04:06
dissappointed nppians
kwabena Asante on Jul 20, 2013 16:43