Did Addison Discredit Dr Afari-Gyan?

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2013-07-20 13:43:33
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Good argument

"Credibility",did you not find it strange that he(Addison) persisted in his Alice-in-Wonderland claim that his cliwent had been 'jubed' a whopping 14,000 votes in the count of the ballots in Ledzorkuku? And even though Addison was in in the witness box,is it proper for an officer of the court to peddle FALSEHOOD? Did one of the Justices not remind Addison that the EC`s declaration in respect of those constituences was a matter of public record? And was Addison not aware that his own clients had publicly abandoned that false allegation some 7 months earlier?
I also find it amazing that you choose to engage in telepathy by describing what on Dr. Afari Gyan`s mind as he at in the winess box.
At the end of it all, did TYsikata not demolish Addison`s 'parroted' notion that Pdf files encrypted, and thus tamper proof?
How can anybody be allowed to get away with argung rather vehemently that a photo-copy of a document whose authenticity has not been established, is more genuiene than the official and original copy?

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Osuo_Abrobuor on Jul 20, 2013 13:43
On this mundane subject of .........
kwabena Asante on Jul 20, 2013 16:43