Did Addison Discredit Dr Afari-Gyan?

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Comment: Re: why the petition is a farce

2013-07-20 14:07:40
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why the petition is a farce

You must have watched a completely different set of proceedings from the rest of the world. If Dr Bawumia believed that the non-signing of the Presiding Officer was not important, why did it include it in his pleadings?

You really believe that Afari-Djan announcing to the world that he did not know what over voting was did him credit or that non-signing of pink sheets was no big deal or that deliberate falsification of official documents can simply be wished away as "transpositional errors?"

In any document where numbers are enntered, the figure is entered first and THEN the words. Frankly, this petition has not only shown the fraud in our electrol system, it has also shown what a very high percentage of educated illiterates there are in Ghanaian society!

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Kobena on Jul 20, 2013 14:07
Re: why the petition is a farce
kwabena Asante on Jul 20, 2013 16:43