Did Addison Discredit Dr Afari-Gyan?

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Comment: Re: why the petition is a farce

2013-07-20 20:29:31
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Re: why the petition is a farce

Dr Afari-Gyan was only saying that one had to check results at a polling station against the electoral register and the other results in the constituency to determine 'over-voting'. He dd not subscribe to the simplistic definition by the petitioners.

He mentioned and defined transpositional errors as one type of error which could occur. Where is your evidence of falsification of documents by EC officials? By contrast Addison was repeatedly caught out trying to use false documents to make his point.

You have not addressed the issue of selective evidence.

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Sankofa on Jul 20, 2013 20:29
Re: why the petition is a farce
kwabena Asante on Jul 20, 2013 16:43