Privatise State-Owned Power Companies Now

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Comment: Re: What is the basis of your suggestion ?

2013-07-21 04:56:41
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What is the basis of your suggestion ?

The truth? You dont have to go far. Go to the UK. Before Margret Thatcher come to power the utilities in Britain were performing badly by British standards, nothing as bad as we have in Ghana though. She analysed the problem and quickly privatised the utilities one at a time. She started by giving all consumers the opportunity to buy shares in these companies, then with time, as consumers sold off their shares, they became privatised with many companies now able to sell power to consumers at competitive prices. Because there are many companies involved in retailing power and water and gas, the prices are competitive. Besides there are institutions set up to regulate the pricing of the products. This is proof that privatisation works. There is absolutely no way the state run institutions can run the utilities efficiently, it is not happening anywhere in the world and the earlier we woke up to this fact the better for us as a country. Do you think if private people were running Ghana Electricity company they will leave it in the state in which it is?, unable to collect outstanding debts and waiting on government to dole out more money to operate? Surely no!!! Privatisation is the only way.

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Samson on Jul 21, 2013 04:56
Re: What is the basis of your suggestion ?