Privatise State-Owned Power Companies Now

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Comment: Privatization is old and help the rich

The African Patriot
2013-07-21 04:56:43
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Wow!!! Nice one. A part of that, state institution must implement the checks and balance to avoid the sold out and bankruptcy. Unfortunately, the idea of capitalization is deepening in the head of many Africans scholars without proper comparism and analysis. What the institutions lack are good and incorruptible managers, some patriot ones who are neutral and willing to make the difference.

Since colonial time we have been selling almost all our properties to the west and foreigners just to be rubbed and left aside. What has all these brought to us? These people and companies did not even pay taxes, before they left.
Privatization is indeed globalization and it is not always help those indeed but rather the rich ones. Market your institution and its products well. Bring those criminals into prison, give those institution the chance to operate without fear and favor of any political party. The truth must be thought always. They must nationalist and patriots and of course very competent. pay them good as private market pay and have them under control.

This is the solution.

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The African Patriot on Jul 21, 2013 04:56
Privatization is old and help the rich