Privatise State-Owned Power Companies Now

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Comment: Privatization has also loop holes!!!

The African Patriot
2013-07-21 05:25:50
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Re: What is the basis of your suggestion ?

Sorry, but i´m not one with all what you have said. Today many power supply companies in the UK meet to negotiate on what market price to be offering to the public. Once this deal done every competition die. I don´t see why the government can not sell some shares and power to companies on short contract basis to avoid overtaking?! These companies can distribute the energy to the people. Both the government and the private companies can offer the public their offers for the people to decide from whom they want to have their energy. It is also about quality services. But still the product energy will remain in the hands of the state.

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The African Patriot on Jul 21, 2013 05:25
Privatization has also loop holes!!!