Who has Seen Rigged Presidential Elections?

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Comment: NPP:A possible defeat & chilling jitters

Nana Amma Momapo Obenewaa
2013-08-01 07:53:05
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Who has Seen Rigged Presidential Elections?

I can see a winning party from far afield when I see one. A winning party is one with a united, and not a divided, front. While I am not in any way promoting the NDC over the NPP, after all the former is equally awful on governance and not any better, recent developments in the NPP; Wereko-Brobbery’s “katusha” statements, his arbitrary dismissal from the NPP, Nyaho Tamakloe’s assessment of the NPP as an elitist political organization, etc., speak volumes about an ill-prepared formation.

While the Ghanaian democracy is imperfect, and I don’t see a capable leader steering its affairs as I write, I can affirm, and rightly, that the NPP will lose a runoff election should the Supreme Court direct that one be called, post its verdict on the election petition.

While predictions are not also always absolute, and mine no exception to the rule, 1+1 equaling 2.1 is not farther from the mathematical “truth.” Even though the calculation is faintly off the mark in mathematical terms, the margin of error is insignificant. Dreamers dream themselves to death, while realists hit the pavement seeking electoral converts. Hope all is well. Good day and cheers.

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Nana Amma Momapo Obenewaa on Aug 1, 07:53
NPP:A possible defeat & chilling jitters