Lessons from the Biafra war to Ghana’s beligerants

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Comment: Re: Stop dreaming about wars

The Stallion
2013-08-03 21:55:37
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Stop dreaming about wars

"There is no war in sight in Ghana. Absolutely none.Stop fanning the war mantra."
I used to live in two West-African countries (at different times) where the citizens said the same thing you said above, but eventually they went to war.
Keep in mind that there are bad seeds all over the world.
The writer got it wrong; the Biafran/Nigerian war killed over 3 million people!
Remember many Igbos flocking our country in 1969? I remember seeing numerous of them in my primary school class, but I was too young to "f*ck" at that time.
War can happen in Ghana, as long as we have bad seeds among us!!!
I've closed my docket.

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The Stallion on Aug 3, 21:55
Re: Stop dreaming about wars