Lessons from the Biafra war to Ghana’s beligerants

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2013-08-04 07:29:32
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Lessons from the Biafra war to Ghana’s beligeran

Kofi of Africa, you did very little in your write-up to suggest any viable alternative to the NPP and NDC. You just bored your readers with the history of events we already know of. Perhaps you would do yourself and many others a lot of good by explaining why the Nkrumah leadership allowed them to be lead to the slaughter house in the VALCO agreement. Instead of blaming the Eisenhower-led US government why don’t you blame it on the circumstances that we created in Ghana’s socio-economic landscape that lead to bending over to accept such a killer agreement? You must also talk about Nkrumah’s foreign policy or the posture as it were; you don’t wine and dine with the East, in a cold war era and run to the West for financial aid and technology.
That said, don’t insult our intelligence by lamely portraying that the NPP is agitating for an Akan uprising against other ethnic groups in Ghana; it is an unintelligent farce and an insult to all other ethnic groups in the NPP as well as all Ghanaians who are engaged in inter-marriages.
Finally NDC or NPP, Ghanaians would move on and there would be no war in Ghana!

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Kwame on Aug 4, 07:29
Re: Lessons from the Biafra war to Ghana’s beliger