Lessons from the Biafra war to Ghana’s beligerants

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Comment: The War Has Already Started

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2013-08-04 17:29:07
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Freedom comes with a price!!!

With Ewes targeting Akans especially Ashantis there will never be peace in Ghana. Ewes are hiding behind and using Gas and non-Akans to create divisions amongst the people. What Oko Vanderpuye did recently is a typical example of what the mindset of these goons have become. How can you use our resources (gold, timber, oil, cocoa etc) to develop Accra and turn around to ask Kufour to vacate and relocate to Kumasi. The war has already started and its signs are on the walls. The seeds of divisions created by Rawlings and his comrades have germinated and it will take only divine intervention to remove its scar on the mindset of the people.

People should rather tackle the root cause of the problem and not lambast outspoken guys such as Kennnedy Agyapong who would like to call spade a spade. We are sick and tired of all these empty rantings!

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The War Has Already Started