Lessons from the Biafra war to Ghana’s beligerants

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Comment: Grammar Police

Kofi of Africa
2013-08-11 10:29:52
Comment to:
Don't Throw Stones

'Grammar Police',

Belligerents are people such as: Sir John, Okoampa, Akufo-Addo and Kennedy Agyapong, etc who are hell-bent on lurching Ghana into civil war. Their utterances are warlike, aggressive, hostile and bellicose.

I criticise Okoampa Pee Aach Dee, not quite because he misspells a word or two. We writers (who write a lot) are allowed reprieve for the occasional 'printer's devil'. In paragraph 9, end of line 2, 'belligerents' is spelt correctly. This indicates the mistake in the title is a 'printer's devil'.

I critise him for the exact reasons I have engaged throughout my article. His many thesaurus-aided synonymes are pompous, outlandish and inconsistent with good grammatical English. He also offers no solution to Ghana's many problems. Rather, he intensifies them.

Lastly, "Kofi of Africa" is what is called, 'pen name' or 'pseudonym'. Any reasonable thinker will know it has nothing to do with cowardice! Why?, you are also called, 'Grammar Police'. Does it logically follow you argue reasonably? All it shows is you are infantile in being able to pick out a missing 'l' in belligerents,' but blatantly contradict yourself in didactic argument of comparative pseudonymes!


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Kofi of Africa on Aug 11, 2013 10:29