Lessons from the Biafra war to Ghana’s beligerants

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Kofi of Africa
2013-08-11 10:56:08
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Re: Lessons from the Biafra war to Ghana’s beliger


I have written many social, cultural, political and economic articles about varied subjects. In them, I suggest relevant alternatives to existing practices or behaviour.

Dr. Nkrumah was right, diplomatically, to encourage the US, Italy and UK to support Ghana (Ghana's contribution was 30%) to fund the Akosombo and Valco projects. His plan was to progressively change and attune the agreement to Ghana's economic development. Unfortunately he was ousted before he could implement his 7-Year Development Programme which would have gained Ghana the science and technology industrial base for our modernisation.

In time I will address aspects of what I believe it must take Ghana to develop and modernise. Please search my past articles in the 'Opinions' and 'Features' posts - and on Facebook. They address parts of what you point out.

As for what you say about NPP belligerence, I ask you to reread Ghanaweb, Modernghana and Ghanaian media for evidence. I was not the one who originated: 'All die be die'; 'Yen Akanfo), etc.' I am Fantse-speaking, but I dislike the consistent separatist narratives of some Akans, mostly in the NPP (there are some of these idiots also in the NDC). If you've not been caught up in a civil war, or seen images of it, please don't under-estimate its devastation.


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Kofi of Africa on Aug 11, 2013 10:56