Caged Addison Spends 7 Minutes On ...

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Comment: Caged Addison

Dr. Baah Mensah, US Army
2013-08-09 23:18:52
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Caged Addison Spends 7 Minutes On ...

Hello Maggie:
Have read a lot of your articles especially at the inception of the SC petition,with the urge to respond but have hesistated. Guess l cant anymore on the grounds that a lot of your articles are not accurate and seeks to paint a different picture of the subject you choose to write about. Also, your choice of words mostly seek to attack and insult which to me is not the best- we can disagree and discuss our disagreements in a civilized manner. It must be noted that, articles we write are meant to educate and inform so we do a great disservice to humanity if our writings rather incite rage and misinform.
I am a Ghanaian but l dont live in Ghana, and do not associate myself with either party but have a vested interest in what ever goes on in Ghana because we are all affected in one way or the other.
Thank God most people have followed the proceedings at the SC as a result of the live telecast, and have seen what transpired at the SC.
A lot of questions come in mind:
frankly so many things went wrong during the 2012 elections. Whether these are statutory violations, irregularities,ommissions, or malpractices is what the SC is constitutionally mandated to do - listen to the parties, look at the facts and evidence and come up with a verdict based on the laws of the land. There are legitimate questions to answer by the parties involved:
- if there was over voting, voting without biometric verification,unknown polling stations,etc why didnt the agents of the parties complain but signed the pink sheets with no reservations?
Also why is the diffrence between the total votes for the President and the NDC MPs over 450,000? why is the total votes for all NDC PM less that that of the NPP but NDC has majority? why is the difference between the total votes for Akuffo Addo and his NPP MPs is 16(well this makes sense to me). This is all from the results of the election as announced by the EC.Trust me Maggie this does not make any statistical sense at all. This suggest to me that there was something basically wrong with the resluts announced which the SC needs to unearth.
These are some of the issues we need to educate Ghanaians on without necessarily throwing in our political affiliations in to mar our judgements.
Do not let us adjudicate this all important case in the media because it serves no purpose but has the tendencity to breed violence.

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Dr. Baah Mensah, US Army on Aug 9, 23:18
Almaxo on Aug 10, 2013 02:40