Caged Addison Spends 7 Minutes On ...

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2013-08-10 13:15:02
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Caged Addison Spends 7 Minutes On ...

What a day to quickly forget for Addison. The masterful performances of the three counsel, in particular the inimitabe Tsatsu who was at his oratical and legal best did alot to cow Addison who rather than put up a spirited defence of the petition's position as was hugely expected, rambled senselessly along to the utter dismay and disappointment of all. Unexpectedly, Addison would now and then adjust his spectacles as if to blame them for his predicament, to the discomfiture of Nana Addo who was forced to intermittently bury his head in his palms whilst Jake preferred to spend his time fidgeting with his phone. Even the NPP attack dog such as Gabby and Mike Ocquaye Jnr, who were naturally expecting to take a stand-up performance from Addison into the studios of media houses to show that the NPP is on course to win the petition, could only stare at Addison in bemusement. But as it's often said in our perlance" na who causam?'When your case is that bad as the petitioners', nothing can save you. And when you're unlucky to have as your opposing counsel Tsatsu, your agony can only be compounded as we saw with Addison. Why Nana Addo, who is a lawyer and again stands directly to benefit from the petition decided to defer to novice Bawumia as his star witness and also refuse to lead the team of lawyers representing the petitioners himself in spite of his high credentials, says alot about how much he revers and fears his pal Tsatsu who, a few years ealier, had floored him miserably in a politically-motivated suit leading to his change as Attorney-General. May be like Nana Addo, Addison will come to the hard realisation that the fear of Tsatsu is the beginning of legal knowledge.

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