Atuguba, Ansah and Adinyira Written Reasons: The Analysis

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Comment: How do we solve this predicament in Siss

Sam Cheffa. Takoradi
2013-09-05 23:00:23
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How Do We Solve This Predicament in Sissala Land

My brothers and sisters,we have to be patient. The wage bill is so high that government is having problems paying our workers. There nothing our bro can do now. The previous government awarded so many contracts that could take us so many years to execute. You could also see that road contractors have not been paid for so long. Carefully studying the situation one can confidently say that the election petition also affected us badly, for where I find mysel in tdi, I have seen from first hand that most of the investors packed bag an baggage and left the country and are only coming back just a few days ago. He is only being a good brother for not complaining too much becourse is bro is at helm of the state.Be patient. Mind all northerners see him as their kind so stop bringing him as a Sissala man

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Sam Cheffa. Takoradi on Sep 5, 23:00
How do we solve this predicament in Siss