Atuguba, Ansah and Adinyira Written Reasons: The Analysis

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Comment: Kapito

Stupid Bastard Batong
2013-09-06 03:56:58
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Re: How Do We Solve This Predicament in Sissala La

Am not a Sissala but from UWR and therefore my concern.If we will do this to our own and if this Bastard Batong will do this,then they should blame others.How can u do this to ur own brother,uncle etc etc.Whatever the level of animosity this stupid fool has with the Minister,is that the best way to do?
Such stupid fools like Batong are a disgrace to the North and therefore his tribe.
First question has the Minister slept with ur prostitud mother?
If ur mother and sisters are prostitudes who are chasing the minister with the dirty vaginas,why blame the Minister?
Shame!!!!!! Foolish stupide bastard!!!

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Stupid Bastard Batong on Sep 6, 03:56