Atuguba, Ansah and Adinyira Written Reasons: The Analysis

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Comment: Let the enemy of progress perish

W. K I
2013-09-06 05:26:41
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How Do We Solve This Predicament in Sissala Land

Dimah Osman, Mr. Braimah Batong or whoever you are, nemesis will soon catch up with you. I can see you are an unrepentant and a recalcitrant vampire who will stop at nothing to devour your targeted prey by paddling falsehood to destroy our pride as Sissalas. You are getting too personal and that is what will expose you. May I leave you with this transcribed version of a curse for a hypocrite in sissali (In Dawi): Wiisi se leyn ih Harime ani Cakumey, ih Ganmua foeli anni goongokah, kah ih yalli anni wghanpar(May God let You Suffer like a Donkey, Get exposed like the Anus of a Billy Goat and Let you Weightless like dried Okra leaves).

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W. K I on Sep 6, 05:26
Let the enemy of progress perish