Atuguba, Ansah and Adinyira Written Reasons: The Analysis

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Comment: Batong Braimah

2013-09-06 07:36:15
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How Do We Solve This Predicament in Sissala Land

Your article is rather shallow and self seeking. You have made so many unfounded allegations against the minister. As someone has already said, Alhaji Amidu was not appointed for Sissala's alone but for the whole country. Nevertheless are you aware that in June, July and August the minister toured the whole region of Upper West exposing to Ghanaians the problems of the region. As far as the roads of the region were concerned, the media expose comprehensively to Ghanaians what problems were there. We knew roads that have been awarded on contract, why contractors were not working and when they would work and complete their projects. I think you have a personal problem with Alhaji Amidu and it should be clear to you that this is not a good approach in dealing with your personal problems with the man. please go to your elders and learn. In any case you said the man was arrogant yet when he parked his vehicle and the youth approched him to remove the vehilcle, he willingly did. An arrogant man would have made the whole world heard about that issue while showing the power he wields.It therefore means that your article is not correct. Also, anytime have something sensible to write, ask that your stuff be edited before you publish. Has Alhaji Amidu taken your girlfriend as well?Shame on you

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Jones on Sep 6, 07:36